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For Teachers > What’s an App?

What’s an App?

An app (application) is a program you can add to a web page, blog, wiki, computer desktop, Facebook, or MySpace – to name a few. In the space the user selects, she can incorporate apps in order to have a calendar, booklist, to do list, library catalog search, etc. easily accessible in that space.

For Teachers > Social Networking & Learning

Social Networking & Learning

By giving students a chance to use social networking sites in school, teachers can help students learn to be safe and smart when using these tools.

In a classroom setting, students learn how to use critical thinking in order to make good decisions about what social network sites they use and how they communicate within those environments. There are opportunities to expand student learning and facilitate collaboration and content creation.

For Teachers > Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources

Check out these links to downloadable files that can be used to integrate apps, library resources, and web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. (All files in pdf.)

Students & Social Networking

Students & Social Networking

danah boyd presents at  "Meeting of the Minds: Youth, Social Media and Education"

Danah Boyd presents at "Meeting of the Minds: Youth, Social Media and Education"

Why Use Apps in Teaching & Learning

Why Use Apps in Teaching & Learning

In 2007 New York City libraries asked tweens and teens how they used the web in homework. The results of that research demonstrated that students frequently use Google and Wikipedia in their school work, and that they use apps to connect to information and resources from where they already are. For example, a student who is on Facebook looking at messages from friends uses an app on either their own or their friend’s page.

New! Updated homeworkNYC App (Beta)

New! Updated homeworkNYC App (Beta)

The homeworkNYC app is all new, combining three powerful homework functions:


Search web and news articles including the Gale databases of the New York City public libraries. Find content not available in standard search engines.


Find free New York City public library programs for teens. Just pick a borough and find out what’s happening near you.