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It’s that time of the year. Kids sharpen their pencils, pickup the backpack, and head off to school. Here are a few tips to get your child ready for the new school year.

• Re-establish school routines. About a week before school starts get your child use to going to bed early, waking up early, picking out their clothes the night before, and start talking about what is expected from them this upcoming school year.
• Prepare. It’s extremely important that your child has all their school supplies when heading into the classroom. But don’t forget about making sure your child knows how to get home from school. Show bus and train routes pointing out safe zones, such as stores, libraries, etc around the school’s neighborhood.
• Communicate. Talk to your child about any kind of anxiety him/her maybe feeling about going to school. If your child has any special needs inform the teacher and administration before school begins to avoid any issues.
• Be Positive. When talking about school always be enthusiastic; it will keep your child motivated during the school year.
• Make Copies. Have a copy of all emergency and health information for your to school to have. It’s also important to have a copy of all dates for things going on at the school, i.e. parent/teacher’s conference, science fair, etc.
• Designate Homework Area. Your child needs to have an area that is well lit, quiet, and comfortable to read and write.

Here are a few helpful websites to read:

1. Teacher Vision
2. American Academy of Pediatrics
3. KidsHealth
4. TeensHealth
5. Organized Home
6. NASP Resources
7. Amazing Moms

Do not forget the library also supports children’s learning. Staff members are aware of many of the upcoming school assignments and can suggest materials, websites, and programs that can assist with student’s achievement. Check-out the “Parent” section of to learn more.

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