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Ancient History, Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution……Does history homework make you feel like you are in the Dark Ages? Well be enlightened by the library’s resources!

You can find complete, trustworthy information a lot faster using the library’s databases and apps.

Try these databases: (all available from home or in the library)
•African-American History Online – 500+ years of African-American history features biographies, primary sources, images, timelines, maps and charts
•American Indian History Online – 5,000 years of culture, over 500 Native American groups
•American Women’s History – Biographies, speeches, maps, primary sources, and photographs
•Ancient & Medieval History Online – Global view of the ancient world
•Biography in Context – Look up anyone! Provides biographical information on anyone you can imagine
•Credo Reference – Bilingual information and reference sources on various subjects
•Grolier Online – Bilingual encyclopedia that also suggests magazines and websites
•History Resource Center – Variety of historical data from primary sources and includes maps and illustrations
•Lands and Peoples – Encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events
•Middle Search Plus – Full text access to magazines covering general topics for middle and junior high school students
•New York State Newspapers – Have a project about a current event? Search the major New York newspapers here

Hint: Save the stuff you find on these databases to read later.
Either: Copy and paste the text into a Word document and save it in Rich Text Format (.rtf) to a flash drive. Rich Text Format files can be read by any word processor, so you don’t need Word to read them.
Or: Email the article to yourself. Most databases have a button on the page to help you do this.

Database Terminology:
Periodicals: newspaper, magazine, journal

Full Text: entire article is available

Citation: bibliographic information about the article

Abstract: a summary of the article is available

Need Pictures or Maps? has over 700,000 scanned images online for free- you don’t even need a library card to access them! They are searchable by subject and you can find neighborhoods or even specific addresses sometimes.

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