This page was archived as of March 2017. It is no longer updated.

Social Networking & Libraries

Librarians are discovering that social networking is a great way to connect with the community. When it comes to tweens and teens, this technology is used in creative ways to help youth find out about library programs, services, and resources. For example:

  • High school librarians use Voice Thread to talk about books in the library collection. Students respond by adding their own comments to the presentation.
  • A public library creates a Facebook Fan Page to let teens in the community know about events and post photos and images from programs. Teens use the page to discuss events and materials with librarians and share their own photos and videos.
  • GoodReads is the platform for the virtual component of a face-to-face book discussion for high school students. The Chat&Chew GoodReads page is the place for discussion group members to post information about books and talk about what they are reading.

You can read more about how libraries are using social networking in programs and services in the Social Networking Toolkit for Librarians and Teachers. (File in .pdf)

Social Networking 101L (handout)