This page was archived as of March 2017. It is no longer updated.

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Welcome to the new HomeworkNYC web site. This is the place for parents, teachers, and librarians to find out how to help students successfully complete their homework, using contemporary technology tools. The revised HomeworkNYC web site is the result of research implemented by New York City libraries (Brooklyn Public, New York Public, and Queens Library) that demonstrated that teens were not using traditional tools provided by the libraries to find information for their homework needs.

The research did show that tweens and teens like to use web 2.0 tools and if libraries provided a way to complete homework that incorporated those tools, students would be more likely to use the libraries’ resources. The libraries therefore decided to focus on developing apps (applications) that work with Facebook and iGoogle so that teens could easily work on their homework, straight from their favorite virtual spaces.

But, the librarians working on this project also knew that adults in a teen’s life, parents, teachers, librarians, and others, were not necessarily familiar with the ways in which current technology can be integrated into homework. That’s what the new HomeworkNYC web site is all about. It’s for you, the adult in a teen’s life, to learn more about technology, so you can more successfully help the teens with whom you might live and/or work with.

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