This page was archived as of March 2017. It is no longer updated.

Why Use Apps in Teaching & Learning

In 2007 New York City libraries asked tweens and teens how they used the web in homework. The results of that research demonstrated that students frequently use Google and Wikipedia in their school work, and that they use apps to connect to information and resources from where they already are. For example, a student who is on Facebook looking at messages from friends uses an app on either their own or their friend’s page.

The Homework NYC project gives students the chance to add apps to the web spaces they already inhabit. These apps help students through the research and project management processes. Students don’t have to start from scratch. For example, one student might use the search app for homework on the civil rights movement. When he types in a search he’ll be provided with suggested search terms to help him narrow down his results. Another student might need to keep track of the steps in a science fair project. She will be able to use the project management app to list the steps and note when each is completed.

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