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These calculators cover different subjects and work in different ways. Choose the one you like best. Calculators

  • Equations: Solving, Simplifying, Solve by Factoring, Completing the Square, Graphing, 3D Graphing, Substitution
  • Expressions: Simplifying, Combining, Factoring, Substitution, Evaluating Like Terms
  • Functions: Graphing
  • Fractions: Factoring, Prime Factoring, Percentages
  • Numbers: Simplifying, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Comparison
  • Other: Proportions, Order of Operations Calculators

  • Algebra: Expand, Factor, Simplify, Cancel, Partial Fractions, Joint Fractions
  • Equations: Solve, Plot, Quadratics
  • Inequalities: Solve, Plot
  • Calculus: Differentiate, Integrate
  • Matrices: Arithmetic, Inverse, Determinant
  • Graphs: Equations, Inequalities
  • Numbers: Percentages, Scientific notation